Donate in memory

Remember forever a beloved one

Making a donation in a loved one’s memory is one way of celebrating their life – especially if your beloved one had a personal relation with the Holy Land, a Holy Place or the work of the Franciscan friars. Not only will your family member or friend live on in your heart; they will also live forever in the Holy Land.

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How to donate

Bank transfer

Bank name: Banca Etica
Account name: Terra Sancta Museum
IBAN code: IT81K0501801600000014455448

For American donors ONLY who wish to donate a minimum of $500: possibility of tax deduction through the CAF platform BEFORE making the donation. PLEASE contact BEFORE making the donation.

You can also donate directly to the Holy Land by bank transfer to a local branch of Ahli Jordan Bank.
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Credit card or PayPal

Donate now

All donations are tax deductible.

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