Leave your name in history

Live forever in the Holy Land

The charm of the Holy Land and the desire to see it first hand have led many, from the earliest centuries of the Christian era, to confront all sorts of obstacles and dangers in order to be able to walk on and touch the places which witnessed the birth, death and resurrection of the Son of God.

We look for supporters who wish to link their name (family, company, organisation) to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

With a donation of 5000 euros, the donor’s name will be carved in the typical local (Jerusalem) stone, which will be placed on the museum’s floor. A copy will be delivered to the donor.

You can also donate in memory or leave a legacy in favour of the Terra Sancta Museum.

Contact us for more information: info@terrasanctamuseum.org

Exclusive trips to discover the making of the Museum

You can support the project by attending our special Terra Sancta Museum 3-days tour: an exclusive access to the buildings that will host the museum. Guided by Franciscan fathers (archaeologists, art historians and librarians) who know their heritage by heart, you will have a preview of some of the most precious collections.

Book now! Contact visit@proterrasancta.org


How to donate

Bank transfer

Bank name: Banca Etica
Account name: Terra Sancta Museum
IBAN code:

You can also donate directly to the Holy Land by bank transfer to a local branch of Ahli Jordan Bank.
Contact us for more information.

For American donors ONLY who wish to donate a minimum of $500: possibility of tax deduction through the CAF platform BEFORE making the donation. PLEASE contact info@terrasanctamuseum.org BEFORE making the donation.

Credit card or PayPal

Donate now

Contact us for tax deduction before making your donation.

Financial sustainability

Deloitte Financial Advisory Services was requested to carry out a feasibility study and a business plan. Taking into account elements such as the annual potential visitor market – both Christian and non-Christian – Deloitte’s pro bono analysis demonstrates financial sustainability for the Terra Sancta Museum.

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