Leave a legacy

A centuries-old tradition

Making a legacy in favour of the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Land is to be part of a centuries-old tradition. The charm of this Land has led many, from the earliest centuries of the Christian era, to confront all sorts of dangers and to walk on and touch the places which witnessed the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. Much of the land on which today there are sanctuaries comes from donations of pilgrims who decided to allocate part of their inheritance to this blessed land.

The unity with our brothers in Christ in the Holy Land, following the example of St. Paul, has thus since the beginning been carried out with real acts of charity, made during life or after death.

By leaving a legacy to the Terra Sancta Museum you will live forever in the Holy Land.

Legacies to the Terra Sancta Museum are tax deductable. 

Contact us: info@terrasanctamuseum.org.

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