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Information document and consent for processing personal information in compliance with art. 13 of Italian Leg.

Decree 196/2003 – Privacy ActItalian Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003 introduced the new Privacy Act and more specifically, establishes that the subject involved must be informed in advance regarding the use of any data concerning him/her.To this end, the Associazione di Terra Santa, whose registered office is in Italy in Rome at Via Matteo Boiardo, no. 16, in its role as “Owner” of the right to process the data, informs you on the sections indicated below.

Source of personal data.
The personal data possessed by the Owner are directly collected through this web transaction and are processed in compliance with the cited law and the safety and confidentiality obligations deriving therefrom.

Purpose of the processing to which the data are destined.
The Owner informs you that the personal data in its possession can also be processed by third-party companies called managing companies, according to the following purposes:the fulfilment of obligations, regulations and European legislation provided for by the law; that is of provisions provided by Authorities legally charged therewith by the law. Providing personal data necessary for these purposes is mandatory and the relative processing does not require consent by those involve;purposes tightly connected with and instrumental in performing the electronic payment transaction regarding the relations, subject-matter of the transaction itself;purposes tightly connected with and instrumental in managing the relation of underwriting the funds collection campaign and relative communications, which are directly associated.Consent to the data being processed is optional but the refusal thereof brings about the impossibility of activating and proceeding with the transaction and the subsequent activation of relations.

Modalities for processing the data.
The data is processed using manual, data processing and computerised instruments whose logics are extremely correlated with the aforementioned purposes and, in any event, in order to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data. The data will be stored for the period provided for by the law.

Sensitive data.
The Owner might process the sensitive data of subjects using this service (for example: payment of membership fees to trade union movements, political parties and various associations). In these cases, the Owner will only handle these operations if it has obtained the explicit consent from the subject involved/applicant.

Categories of subjects who might be informed or become aware of the data in their role as managing companies or companies charged therewith. The Owner can, without necessary consent by the subject involved, communicate the personal information in its possession to those subjects to whom said communication must be made to comply with an obligation provided for by the law, by a regulation or by European legislation. Individuals and legal entities as per the list in the following paragraph “Owner and Manager” can be made aware of the data in their role as data processing managers, as can the subjects specifically charged therewith by the Owner in their capacity as persons appointed concerning the data necessary to perform the tasks assigned. The detailed list of the subjects to whom the data can be communicated can be consulted at the Owner’s registered office. The data can in no manner be distributed.

The safety standards used by the Owner to ensure your personal information remains reserved and confidential are in line with the provisions of the minimum safety measures indicated by the Privacy Act. The web transactions concerning the VPOS service are managed by SSL data transmission (Secure Socket Layers). Likewise, specific techniques are used to protect this data from unauthorised access by third parties.

Rights of the subject involved.
The law awards the subject involved specific rights, including knowing which personal data is in the hands of the Owner and how they are used, cancelling, anonymously transforming or freezing the data processed in violation of the law as well as updating, rectifying or, if of interest, integrating data and objecting to the processing thereof for legitimate reasons.

Owner and Manager.The Owner of the data processing is the Associazione di Terra Santa, who can be contacted by the subject involved in order to exercise his/her aforementioned rights. His/her personal data will also be communicated to Associazione di Terra Santa. The updated list of those in charge, both internally and externally, can be consulted at the Owner’s premises.

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