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the first section of the Terra Sancta Museum, a multimedia installation to discover the Via Crucis in Jerusalem

A multimedia installation on the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem

The Via Dolorosa, the first section of the Terra Sancta Museum, is an immersive multimedia installation located at the Monastery of the Flagellation; an ancient tradition identifies the place with the Antonia Fortress and the Praetorium of Pilate.

For this reason, pilgrims usually start their Way of the Cross from here, heading to Golgotha and the Holy Sepulchre.

The visitor is immersed in an environment of lights, sounds, ambient noise, stories and animations, and transported back to the time of Herod in which the dramatic events of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ took place.

The experience, lasting 15 minutes, takes place in three stages, marked by three different multimedia approaches:

  1. highlights from the archaeological site and remains from the Herodian and Roman period
  2. the history of Jerusalem through its urban evolution, with a particular focus on the holy Christian sites that are objects of worship of the Way of the Cross (Praetorium and Golgotha)
  3. the worship of the Way of the Cross, evoking the voices of the ancient and illustrious pilgrims who for more than 14 centuries have come to Jerusalem to venerate the Holy Places

Pilgrims thus become prepared to consciously carry out the ritual of the Stations of the Cross that will lead them into a city that still preserves the geography and unambiguous traces of the historical and evangelical facts. Tourists and the resident public, on the other hand, will find a clear, up-to-date and scientifically rigorous presentation of the Holy City, with a particular focus on the places dear to Christianity that are an inescapable element for understanding the city.

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