US donors

The Association pro Terra Sancta is collecting funds that are needed to build the Museum, with the first section opened in 2016. Many donors from all over the world have already supported this project; but in order to complete it, we need more funds.

You can donate  donate in a loved one’s memory, in thanksgiving for a grace you received or to link the name of your family, a company or an institution to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

For donations of over $500 – there is the possibility of Tax deduction through the CAF platform BEFORE you donate

Please contact us at BEFORE you make a donation

Browse the brochure for more information

Leave your Name is History or Donate in memory

For all donations over $5000, a stone will be carved in the Donors name or in memory of a chosen loved one, made from Local Jerusalem stone delivered to the donor.  The Donors name will also be carved in memory in Jerusalem. Please contact

Exclusive trips to discover the making of the Museum

You can support the project by attending our special Terra Sancta Museum 3-days tour: An exclusive access to the buildings that will host the museum. Guided by Franciscan fathers (archaeologists, art historians and librarians) who know their heritage by heart, you will have a preview of some of the most precious collections. Please contact


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