20 May 2022

Between Threads and Silks: Restoration Work of the Museum

The textile collections of a museum are among its most delicate and challenging objects to conserve, which is why the Terra Sancta Museum devotes so much of its attention to them. Today, we take you ..

9 May 2022

Liturgical Vestments Full of Meaning

Chasuble, cope, dalmatic… it can be difficult to find your way around the dressing room of officiants! Explanations starting from the collection of the Terra Sancta Museum in Jerusalem. To ..

26 April 2022

Session Eight of the Terra Sancta Museum’s Scientific Committee: A new phase for the museum of the Custody of the Holy Land!

On March 26, 27, and 28, the scientific committee of the Terra Sancta Museum was finally able to meet in Jerusalem for its eighth session! After two years of border closures due to the pandemic ..

6 April 2022

Announcing the Darkness: The Candelabra of the Office of Tenebrae

Exceptional pieces of the Latin Christian patrimony, the majestic candelabras of Tenebrae conserved by the Terra Sancta Museum are, without a doubt, among the least known and mysterious works of the ..

7 March 2022

The Fondation Mansart supports the Terra Sancta Museum !

The news of the support by the Fondation Mansart for the construction project of the Terra Sancta Museum was of 2021! Specialized in the conservation and promotion of the heritage for more than ..

1 March 2022

High above the Old City : the mystery of the bells of St Saviour

In the past few weeks, the researcher Alex Rodriguez Suarez, a specialist in the question of sound in the history of the Middle East, has started studying the bells of the convents of the Custody of ..

24 February 2022

Some ruins of the Holy Sepulchre on display in the Terra Sancta Museum

A few weeks ago, a team of restorers led by Piero Coronas was in Jerusalem to prepare a curious operation: the moving of columns and capitals « from the Holy Sepulchre » to the Convent of the ..

11 February 2022

Heritage and education: the project on behalf of young Palestinians continues at the Terra Sancta Museum.

In March 2016 the first section of the new museum of the Franciscans in Jerusalem, the Terra Sancta Museum (TSM), was inaugurated. Pro Terra Sancta, the NGO that supports the Custody of the Holy ..

7 February 2022

Palestinian histories. The links between the Franciscans and the local communities through the collections of the Terra Sancta Museum

Since they arrived in the Holy Land in the 13th century, the Franciscans have been closely involved in the lives of their contemporaries in areas which went well beyond spiritual and liturgical ..

28 January 2022

The Georgian capital of St Saviour : new evidence of the history of the siege of the Custody of the Holy Land

The month of July 2021 will without a doubt mark the history of the building of the Terra Sancta Museum for a long time. As the main structural work was being continued in what will soon be the ..

20 January 2022

Rawan Ghneim : “It is good to have a connection with the places in your city so you recognize and know your past.”

In February 2020, a project entirely consecrated to the Palestinian youth of East Jerusalem was launched by Pro Terra Santa (Pro TS) in cooperation with the Terra Sancta Museum and thanks to the ..

16 January 2022

The building site of the Terra Sancta Museum : Georgian and Crusader remains under the Franciscan church

As the work on the new historical section of the Terra Sancta Museum continues, the architects responsible for the site were very surprised to discover, under the present-day Franciscan church, a ..

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