17 July 2019

A museum at the service of education and peace

A museum that is not "just a research laboratory in archaeology" but a place that can "reveal common roots and identities, a knowledge that contributes to peace".

11 July 2019

Opportunities and challenges for a volunteer from the Terra Sancta Museum: cataloguing at Gethsemane

Michele Colaianni tells us about the cataloging at Gethsemane

5 July 2019

At the school of mother-of-pearl artisans in Bethlehem

Instituted by the Franciscans during the 16th century, mother-of-pearl craftsmanship has been revived in Bethlehem. Concerned about preserving and valuing this Christian and Palestinian cultural ..

25 June 2019

The Keys of a Work: the Sanctuary Lamp of the Austrian Empire

On the occasion of the exhibition "Jewelry making: Past and Present" at the Islamic Art Museum in Jerusalem, we present one of the objects that the Custody of the Holy Land lent for the exhibition.

21 June 2019

The gifts of Louis XIV offered to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

One of the most astonishing collections of French religious orfèverie, offered by Louis XIV to the Holy Land, has been preserved by the Franciscan Custody of Jerusalem since the 17th century. The ..

20 June 2019

A museum in a unique place: the Saint Saviour monastery

“The fact of being in the city and not outside the walls, as during the time of their first home on Mount Zion near the Cenacle, meant for the Franciscans a permanent and more regular contact with ..

13 June 2019

Spain and the Custody of the Holy Land

The Spanish presence in the Holy Land dates back to the 13th century, when Aragonese rulers arrived in Egypt to conclude agreements with the Mamluks to protect Christian sanctuaries and their ..

7 June 2019

When the relics of the Custody of the Holy Land manifest the philosophy of the Terra Sancta Museum

To venerate the relics of saints is to recognize the qualities of the latter, their testimony of faith in the name of Jesus, and their intense desire to imitate Him by imploring God through ..

29 May 2019

Story of the first inventory of art objects of Franciscan convents in Cyprus

Eleonora Musicco, a volunteer of ATS pro Terra Sancta in the Cultural Heritage Department of the Custody of the Holy Land and art historian, gives us the story of the first inventory of works of art ..

7 May 2019

The story of the reliquary used for the feast of the Invention of the Cross

This morning, the Holy Sepulcher celebrated the feast of the Invention of the Cross by St. Helena (from the Latin invenire: find). On this occasion, a reliquary in gold and precious stones of the ..

19 April 2019

Funeral of Christ: Franciscan Treasures of Good Friday

Today churches around the world celebrate and commemorate the Passion and death of Jesus Christ. Each year, on the very site where the historical events took place, in the Holy Sepulcher, a ceremony ..

12 April 2019

Go behind the scenes of the Terra Sancta Museum!

Passionate for the History of Art and the Holy Land, a team of volunteers of various nationalities worked for several months at the museum in order to inventory and to exhibit the exceptional ..

9 April 2019

Fundraising: When United Kingdom supports the Terra Sancta Museum in Jerusalem

Pro Terra Sancta UK hosted its launch event April 4th to raise funds to complete the new Terra Sancta museum in the old city of Jerusalem. The museum aims to “Build a bridge of ..

2 April 2019

A.Sakleh, carpenter in Bethlehem: "My armoires will house a treasure!"

An unusual hubbub reigns in the department of Cultural Goods at the Custody of the Holy Land. The coming and going of volunteers carrying liturgical vestments is mixed up with that of carpenters who ..

12 March 2019

Scientific Committee: Terra Sancta Museum receives its roadmap

From Monday 4th to Tuesday 5th March, the Scientific Committee - composed of directors of museums and art historians from all over the world - of the Terra Sancta Museum met in Paris for its fourth ..

7 March 2019

The Polish language arrives at the Terra Sancta Museum

On March 7 at the Monastery of the Flagellation in Jerusalem, in the spaces dedicated to the Terra Sancta Museum, the Polish version of the multimedia installation was opened. This initiative was ..

4 March 2019

The Treasury of the Holy Sepulchre unveils its collection of liturgical vestments.

Testaments to the dedication of Europe’s sovereigns to the Holy Land, the Custody’s liturgical vestments have attracted the interest of numerous art historians, whose study will help choose ..

26 February 2019

Reportage - From the "École du Louvre" to the Terra Sancta Museum

The collections of the Custody of the Holy Land attract every year more and more Art History students. This is the reason for the partnership with the École du Louvre, to send students who are ..

20 February 2019

A digital invitation to the Terra Sancta Museum!

The Terra Sancta Museum is most pleased to announce to you the release of its digital application, which will guide you during your visit to the museum! Thanks to our free wifi service, you can ..

30 January 2019

The Custody's collection attracts a foreign student

TERRASANCTAMUSEUM/MEETING. During a volunteer experience in the Department of Cultural Goods of the Holy Land, Carlotta Schiavon, a student in Art History, discovered the unique heritage of the ..

23 January 2019

Archaeological excavations : « These ceramics are a treasure of historical data”

TERRASANCTAMUSEUM/MEETING: Interview with Stefania Peluso, archaeologist at the Custody of the Holy Land, entrusted with the study of the ceramic collection, dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, ..

17 January 2019

“Itinera ad loca sancta”: a catalogue of pilgrimages

Presentation of the catalogue of travel books in the Franciscan Libraries of Jerusalem The book “Itinera ad loca sancta. Travel books in the Franciscan Libraries of Jerusalem, Catalogue of the ..

3 December 2018

The assembling of the Treasury of the Custody by the commissioners of the Holy Land

On the occasion of the 4th International Congress of Commissioners of the Holy Land, held at Jerusalem from 26 November to 2 December, the Terra Sancta Museum recounts the role of these ..

30 November 2018

The security of the museum at the heart of the scientific committee’s consultations

An executive delegation of the museum’s scientific committee—composed of Béatrix Saule, honorary director of the Château de Versailles ; Jérôme Dumoux, museographer ; Jacques Charles ..

16 November 2018

First inventory of Franciscan monasteries in Jaffa discovers new sacred objects

From the 5th to the 9th of November, two students from the Ecole du Louvre and an Italian researcher in goldsmithing travelled to Jaffa to make an inventory of the sacred objects held in the ..

27 September 2018

Terra Sancta Museum, work begins at St. Savior’s Monastery

The Scientific Committee of the Terra Sancta Museum gathered at the St. Savior’s Monastery in Jerusalem, from Sunday, September 23, to Wednesday September 26, for the third meeting dedicated to the ..

13 June 2018

A photographic exhibit on the daily life of the friars of the Custody

The daily life of the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land is recounted by the shots taken by Thomas Coex, a photographer for Agence France Presse. From June 11 until the end of October, ..

23 May 2018

The Chasuble of the “Immacolata”, an exclusive preview from the first book of the “Catalogues of the Terra Sancta Museum”

On the occasion of the Marian Month, we offer the description of a precious vestment from the 17th century as a preview of the first volume of the new book series dedicated to the Terra Sancta ..

11 May 2018

The SBF Archeological collections for the Terra Sancta Museum: new findings and works for the archeological section

Whoever enters the Convent of the Flagellation today will notice a new name on some doors: SBF Archaelogical Collections. This will be the name of the new section of the Terra Sancta Museum which, ..