25 January 2023

The conversion of St Paul by Friedrich Pacher or when the Tyrol invites itself to the museum

25th January marks the feast-day of the conversion of St Paul. The Terra Sancta Museum has a painting representing this episode which will be one of the works displayed in the museum. Let’s discover it.

9 January 2023

Palestinian Craftsmanship on Display in Bethlehem

From December 19, 2022 to January 4th, 2023 an exhibit was shown in Bethlehem called “Minkom wa elaykom”, which is the result of a collaboration between the Terra Sancta Museum (TSM) and the Dar ..

4 January 2023

Benedict XVI, art and liturgy at the service of the faith

[Pope Benedict XVI] Our late Pope was an ardent defender of culture, the arts, beauty at the service of liturgy and the life of faith of believers. During his trip to the Holy Land, he offered several gifts, some of which will be displayed in the Terra Sancta Museum. Discover them in this article as well as the filial link between the Custody of the Holy Land and the Holy Seed.

14 December 2022

Discovering the Palestinian Icons of Jerusalem

[Discovery] We present to you the first discovery tour of Palestinian icons in the Old City of Jerusalem! Organized by the mediation team of the Terra Sancta Museum, this tour makes the Armenian and Greek cathedrals of Jerusalem accessible to the public, and provides a way for visitors of various faiths to understand this sacred heritage.

1 November 2022

Behind the Scenes of an Exhibition - Part 1

A selection of the works of the Terra Sancta Museum (TSM) will be departing for Lisbon very soon. An exhibition entitled Theatrum Mundi: Royal Gifts to the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem will be opening ..

28 October 2022

"Slow, but full of life" : the Library of the Custody told to us by Fr. Lionel

The library of the Custody holds tens of thousands of volumes, It is the oldest library in the Holy Land and it is a museum in itself. We introduce it to you today through the story of its director, ..

7 October 2022

The Ottoman objects of the Terra Sancta Museum : “Everything has still to be discovered”

Charlotte Maury is in charge of the Ottoman collections and the Art of the Book in the Department of the Arts of Islam of the Louvre. Her background includes command of Persian and Turkish and some ..

30 September 2022

A new turning-point for the Terra Sancta Museum

The fundamental points of the 9th session of the Scientific Committee of the Terra Sancta Museum in a few lines: this is the challenge we set ourselves! Enjoy reading it! WHEN THE SITE OF ..

5 August 2022

A beautiful welcome : a new work at the entrance to the Custody

This summer, the entrance to the Custody of the Holy Land takes on a new decoration. Designed by a Spanish artist, the work has taken shape in the famous studio of the Armenian ceramicists George and ..

22 July 2022

The Gelmini volunteers : for the peoples of the Holy Land

Every year, between May and July and between September and November, the volunteers of the Romano Gelmini Association arrive in the Holy Land. They are men and women, almost all of whom are retired, ..

14 July 2022

Plane, lintel, chisel: a carpenter at the Custody

The Terra Sancta Museum has some objects which, over the centuries, have been offered to the friars of the Custody both by simple pilgrims who have come to the Holy Land and by sovereigns from around ..

11 July 2022

The new Saller wing at the Museum of the Flagellation

The opening of a new wing in the Museum of the Flagellation is scheduled for the end of the year. We met the archaeologist Daniela Massara, the Curator of the museum, who described to us the new ..

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