5 August 2022

A beautiful welcome : a new work at the entrance to the Custody

This summer, the entrance to the Custody of the Holy Land takes on a new decoration. Designed by a Spanish artist, the work has taken shape in the famous studio of the Armenian ceramicists George and ..

22 July 2022

The Gelmini volunteers : for the peoples of the Holy Land

Every year, between May and July and between September and November, the volunteers of the Romano Gelmini Association arrive in the Holy Land. They are men and women, almost all of whom are retired, ..

14 July 2022

Plane, lintel, chisel: a carpenter at the Custody

The Terra Sancta Museum has some objects which, over the centuries, have been offered to the friars of the Custody both by simple pilgrims who have come to the Holy Land and by sovereigns from around ..

11 July 2022

The new Saller wing at the Museum of the Flagellation

The opening of a new wing in the Museum of the Flagellation is scheduled for the end of the year. We met the archaeologist Daniela Massara, the Curator of the museum, who described to us the new ..

8 July 2022

The work at the Terra Sancta Museum resumes thanks to support from France and Palestine

On Wednesday 22 June 2022, Fr. Stéphane Milovitch and Fr. Ibrahim Faltas together welcomed Mr René Trocaz, General Consul of France in Jerusalem, accompanied by a delegation of the Palestinian ..

30 June 2022

Art at the service of the encounter with God

In service for the Custody of the Holy Land since 2013, Fra Rodrigo Machado Soares is the master of ceremonies and deputy director of the Department of Cultural Heritage. His two functions, which ..

23 June 2022

When the Mamluk firmans break down the barriers of the churches in Jerusalem

In May 2022, Camille Rouxpetel and Alice Croq came to spend one month in Jerusalem, as part of a research project funded by the National Research Agency (ChrIs-cross) on the history of Jerusalem ..

8 June 2022

To be loved and protected : the catalogues of gold and silver work of the Terra Sancta Museum

Amongst the most important announcements in this first part of the year is the official launch of  new catalogues of gold and silver work. There are now three being compiled for the Terra Sancta ..

30 May 2022

 "As ancient as an olive tree, as young as its fruit" Contest

Are you innovative? Do you have the ability to create a unique, modern, and producible design that is made up of ancient collections from the Terra Sancta Museum? Pro Terra Sancta Association and ..

20 May 2022

Between Threads and Silks: Restoration Work of the Museum

The textile collections of a museum are among its most delicate and challenging objects to conserve, which is why the Terra Sancta Museum devotes so much of its attention to them. Today, we take you ..

9 May 2022

Liturgical Vestments Full of Meaning

Chasuble, cope, dalmatic… it can be difficult to find your way around the dressing room of officiants! Explanations starting from the collection of the Terra Sancta Museum in Jerusalem. To ..

26 April 2022

Session Eight of the Terra Sancta Museum’s Scientific Committee: A new phase for the museum of the Custody of the Holy Land!

On March 26, 27, and 28, the scientific committee of the Terra Sancta Museum was finally able to meet in Jerusalem for its eighth session! After two years of border closures due to the pandemic ..

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