Education and Development

The Terra Sancta Museum will be a dynamic centre aimed at fostering knowledge development, training and dialogue with local educational actors.

Educational programming will take into account current and future audiences, local and international visitors. This means that the Terra Sancta Museum is ready to interact with a very diverse audience in terms of language, ethnicity, faith, cultural background and prior knowledge of events related to the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Displays, videos, 3-d reconstructions and interactive installations will offer an active visitor experience. Guided tours, programmes for schools, workshops for children and adults, special exhibitions, training courses, talks, publications and events will be organised to ensure full accessibility of the museum to any type of visitor.

Special emphasis will be put on educational programmes that foster mutual understanding and inter-cultural dialogue. The museum’s goal is to stimulate and increase the understanding of historical events and of relations between ethnicities and faiths – and to do so by involving as many actors as possible, especially local actors.

It is also foreseen to train young people who will carry out museum-related activities: communication, educational programming, local outreach, guided tours, maintenance and restoration, etc.

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