Project Milestones



The Custos, Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, officially presented the Terra Sancta Museum project in Milan in May.




The first stone of the multimedia wing Via Dolorosa of the TSM-Archaeology was laid in June. With its room called  Lapidarium” located in the Monastery of the Flagellation, this section is to be the setting for the sensory and emotional representation created by Studio Tamshick Media + Space




The first of the three wings of the museum, Terra Sancta Museum – Archaeology, was inaugurated in March.




Preliminary studies are made for the new museum of art and history.

The Cultural Heritage Department, which is to look after the heritage and run the activities of the museum, was created by the Custody of the Holy Land during the year. To house its offices, rooms in the Monastery of St Saviour are restored.




Restoration of the rooms of the first wing of the TSM-Archaeology started.
In April, thanks to the donations received, the set-up of this second section of the museum began, allowing the Terra Sancta Museum – SBF Archaeological Collections to be inaugurated in June.

At the same time, the preliminary museographic projects of the historical section of the museum was launched and, in October, work and structural tests in the rooms that will house the new section underneath St Saviour’s Church got underway.




The first App of the Terra Sancta Museum, accessory instrument for the visit, was launched.

Restoration was carried out on the new Museum  shop in the Monastery of St Saviour. During the works, interesting evidences of the passage of pilgrims to the monastery over the centuries were brought to light.

In November in the Convent of the Flagellation started works to consolidate the structures of the forthcoming “Saller” wing, second part of the Terra Sancta Museum – Archaeology.




In the first part of the year, all the construction works was stopped due to the Covid emergency, but resumed progressively from May onwards.

Thanks to a generous donation made by the Representative Office of Hungary in Ramallah, the construction works of the TSM-Art and History have resumed and great steps have been made to complete the final project.

The new Terra Sancta Museum shop was set up.

Future donations will be used for the restoration of the archaeological works which will go on display, for the installation of the TSM-Archaeology and finally to continue the construction of the TSM-Art and History.

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