Internship and volunteering

The Terra Sancta Museum offers an education and training program for young specialists in restoration techniques and students or recent graduates in artistic and archaeological studies and humanistic disciplines pertinent to the museum environment, communication and marketing. Proficiency in English language is required, knowledge of Italian is recommended.

Internships require a commitment of a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months, the fields of activities are: ordinary management of the museum, communications, collection and exhibition management, cataloging and restoration.

Participants may arrange for academic credits through their school.

Interns and volunteers will be accepted on the base of the evaluation of their curriculum and the needs of the museum for the required period. The applications will be held on the waiting list for no more than 12 months.

Different internship programs are offered by Italian and French institutions. For more information, please visit the Italian ( and French ( versions of the website.

For more information and applications use the contact form, specifying the object of your demand.

Please, don’t forget to mention:

  • Name, surname, place and date of birth, address, contact (phone number, skype…).
  • Education (qualification, title and date of dissertation – if already presented).
  • Work experience.
  • Language skills (with level).
  • Computer skills.
  • Organization and communication skills.
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