5 April 2024

2024 exhibition : the Terra Sancta Museum unites Compostela and Jerusalem

It was at the Cidade da Cultura, the high spot of Galician culture, that “Tesouros reais. Obras mestras do Terra Sancta Museum” was inaugurated on 21st March. The exhibition, to which entry is ...

18 November 2023

Exhibition at the Gulbenkian Museum: "a foretaste of what the Terra Sancta Museum will be like"

The Terra Sancta Museum, represented by Fr. Stéphane Milovitch, Director of the Cultural Office, and Fr. Rodrigo Machado Soares, Master of Ceremonies, was honoured to take part in the opening of the ...

16 August 2023

An important discovery for the Palestinian art of mother-of-pearl

Preparing exhibitions is always an occasion for discoveries or rediscoveries. Only a few hours before the inauguration of “Memories of Saint-Saviour : convent, parish, museum”, while ...

13 July 2023

Behind the scenes of an exhibition, Act II

A part of the masterpieces of the Terra Sancta Museum has flown off to Lisbon to be exhibited from November 2023 at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Here we continue our visit behind the ...

7 July 2023

Memories of St Saviour for the inhabitants of Jerusalem

Thanks to the support of the AFD (Agence française de développement) and of the NDC (Ngo for Development Center), the Custody invites inhabitants of Jerusalem, pilgrims and visitors to travel back ...

31 May 2023

“Memories of Saint Saviour: convent, parish, museum”:

Exhibition from 6th June to 25th July Following in the line of the exhibition “Minkom wa alaikom”, which was held in December 2022 at the Dar al Sabagh center in Bethlehem, the ...

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