20 May 2015

19/05/2015 – The Terra Sancta Museum project begins to take shape

In the Old City of Jerusalem preparations are underway. Work has begun at both monasteries that will host the museum—at the Monastery of the Flagellation, the second station of the Via Crucis, and at St. Savior Monastery at the New Gate).

On 15 May the lapidarium (Monastery of the Flagellation) and future multimedia museum section welcomed almost the entire museum committee. All morning, the committee focused on one topic: knowing that the aim of the project is to provide a useful tool that will allow people to more consciously live out the Way of the Cross and to see the places that make it up, how do we actually carry this project out? As their first challenge, the committee worked with some agencies specialized in multimedia storytelling, and this allowed them to select two studios, which have offered to work on some detailed projects.

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