20 February 2019

A digital invitation to the Terra Sancta Museum!

The Terra Sancta Museum is most pleased to announce to you the release of its digital application, which will guide you during your visit to the museum!

Thanks to our free wifi service, you can download the application onto your phone for free, or you can request to take a portable device equipped with the app.

Available in English and Italian, and soon, in Arabic, Hebrew, and French, the application automatically updates its content based on your position. The app likewise offers a map of the museum, videos demonstrating the use of ancient objects, and supplementary historical, cultural, and anecdotal information.

All of the explanations and the content of the pieces and vitrines will remain available after the visit.

The application Terra Sancta Museum, freely downloadable for Android and iPhone. Activation of the application during your first visit to the museum. 


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