8 March 2017

Central Europe visiting the Terra Sancta Museum

Yesterday March 7, 2017, the Terra Sancta Museum had the privilege to host the ambassadors of Poland,
Czech Republich, Slovakia and Hungary, representing together the Visegràd Four, a cultural and political
alliance between their countries c   reated for the purposes of furthering their European integration, as well
as for advancing military, economic and energy cooperation with one another.

The four consuls, carried on by Dan Koski (communication director of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute) and
father Dobromir (Custodial Vicar), had the occasion to visit a preview of the exhibition “Venetian Treasures in Jerusalem: following the lion”, held in the Curia of San Saviour Convent. Carla Benelli and Clara Borio, executive coordinators of the Associazione Pro Terra Sancta and the Terra Sancta Museum, made their expertise available to show them the rich objects presented in the exhibition, going along them to the Flagellation Monastery. There the diplomats were received by the eminent Archaeologist father Eugenio Alliata, could visit the Multimedia Show “Via Dolorosa” and see the building site of the next archaeological Museum.

The interest and enthusiasm expressed by the four ambassadors prove the deep links between Central Europe and the Terra Sancta Museum, and give great expectations on future collaborations among the  Visegràd Four and the Custody of the Holy Land.





Giovanni Costenaro – Corrado Scardigno

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