18 December 2016

Contemporary Sacred Art

Exhibition presented at the Cairo Museum – from December 18, 2016 to January 22, 2017

– Exhibition of croquis and documents dedicated to the production of the greatest Middle Eastern artists of the twentieth century, organized by Alfonso Panzetta and Gianluca Monicolini –

The exhibition “Contemporary Sacred Art: Sketches and Unreleased Documents of Italian Works in the
Churches of the Holy Land” is part of the international project “Valorization of the Historical Heritage and Rehabilitation of the Ancient Pharmacy of the Old City at the Terra Sancta Museum.”
It testifies to the way in which Italian artistic inspiration between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries also arrived in the Middle East, in particular in the churches of the Holy Land.
From research carried out in religious archives – primarily in the archives of the Custody of the Holy Land – the study has uncovered new preparative croquis for the works present today in the Holy Places related to the documents in the archives of the Custody. Field work has identified paintings and frescoes, sculptures and mosaics, stained glass windows, wrought iron and furniture that emphasize Italian artistic commitment of the highest quality.
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