What about it?

HANA IRSHAID, Head of Educational Programs

“The first stage of the DOORS Incubation Program was an unparalleled opportunity for networking and exchanging knowledge with other museum professionals. The DOORS team carved out a safe and enabling environment for initiating collective dialogue on the digital future of museums. The skills assessment sessions helped me recognise the digital competencies that I possess as well as ways to employ them in service of the digital transformation at Terra Sancta Museum. I also learned how to network activities and disciplines in meaningful and innovative ways and expanded my knowledge on conducting user research and user-testing.

Among the presentations, I enjoyed most was that of AkeruE, as their digital approach is very innovative and empowers children to (1) communicate and connect, (2) discover a sense of wonder and (3) create and play, which aligns with the values I wish to reinforce among Jerusalemite children as an educator.

The Terra Sancta Museum is part of the DOORS – Digital Incubator of Museums networks.
DOORS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme under grant agreement No 101036071.

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