To make known to the world the roots and historical presence of Christianity in the Holy Land by displaying the archaeological and art collections of the Franciscans of the Holy Land.

Today, more than ever, it is of critical importance to let the whole world know the history of the Christian presence in the Holy Land: to foster a better understanding of our roots, to contribute to the unity of the “human family”, and to carry the message of peace to the world.

A museum in God’s chosen land

The Terra Sancta Museum will also foster intercultural and inter-religious dialogue through a modern and dynamic museum centre that will tell the story of this fascinating land – a holy land in which the fates of many people living together have, for millennia, been mysteriously intertwined.

The museum will contribute to the social and economic development of the resident communities  by making the most of the Franciscan cultural heritage for the tourism industry, and by training and employing young adults in museum-related activities.

Discover more on the goals of education and sustainable development of the Terra Sancta Museum.

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