30 April 2024

Ossuaries, archaeological witnesses of the first Christian community

What are ossuaries and what can we learn from them about the history of the first Christian community and their funerary practices? Margherita Capuani, a young archaeologist and volunteer at the ...

15 April 2024

A first icon from the Terra Sancta Museum restored by the Institut National du Patrimoine

Oriental Christian art will occupy a decisive place in the future Terra Sancta Museum – Art and History, with a dedicated section of 90 square metres. In particular, a selection of icons from the ...

5 April 2024

2024 exhibition : the Terra Sancta Museum unites Compostela and Jerusalem

It was at the Cidade da Cultura, the high spot of Galician culture, that “Tesouros reais. Obras mestras do Terra Sancta Museum” was inaugurated on 21st March. The exhibition, to which entry is ...

14 March 2024

2023 Annual Report Terra Sancta Museum - Art & History

Terra Sancta Museum Art - Histoire is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Annual Report.

14 March 2024

The questions raised by the study of the medieval pieces of the Terra Sancta Museum

The production of the catalogues of the collections of gold and silver work continues. A part of this initiative is consecrated to the “Medieval treasure of Bethlehem.” The Scientific Committee ...

26 February 2024

Multimedia: In 4 minutes, from Venice to Jerusalem in the 15th Century!

Capturing the human and spiritual odyssey of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 15th century in just 4 minutes is the challenge undertaken by the Terra Sancta Museum, intent on linking the pilgrims of ...