26 September 2017

Christians of the East – 2000 years of history

Institute of the Arab World, Paris – from September 26, 2017 to January 14, 2018.

The exhibition “Christians of the East – 2000 years of history” illuminates the history of a diverse community
and its role in the Middle East on a political, cultural, social, and religious level. Along the way, masterpieces of
Christian heritage are to be discovered, some of which are displayed in Europe for the first time.

Born in Jerusalem, Christianity spread quickly throughout the Middle East: it was established in Egypt and the
current states of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. Throughout history, Christians have played a major role in
the political, cultural, social, and religious development of this region of the world.

The unique role of Christianity is highlighted here through pivotal moments in history: establishment of the
Christian religious state, founding councils, Muslim conquest, the rise of Catholic and Protestant missions, the
contribution of Christians to Nahda (the Arab Renaissance), revival during the twentieth and twenty-first
centuries. Emphasis is also placed on the vitality of Christian communities in the Arab world today, troubled by
recent events.

Works on loan: archival documents, maquette in wood marquetry and nacre for Saint-Sépulcre, Mater
Dolorosa in nacre, funerary inscription, sixth century Byzantine capitals, sixth century figurative mosaic (from
Mount Nebo in Jordan), 1397 firman of the Mamluk Sultan al-Malik, 1561 firman promulgated by Suleiman the Magnificent.

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