21 May 2019

Jewelry Making : Past & Present

"Jewelry Making: Past & Present" - an exhibition presented at the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem in partnership with the Terra Sancta Museum from May 30 to November 16, 2019. A dialogue ..

8 December 2017

Tonino Maurizi's Christmas. 110 paintings on show in Jerusalem.

The exhibition “A thousand times Christmas” will take place at the Sala Curiale of St Savior Monastery, Jerusalem from December 7th 2017 to February 2nd 2018. 110 paintings created by the ..

1 July 2017

Volti di Palmira ad Aquileia

Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Aquileia. 02/07/2017 – 03/10/2017 The exhibition is curated by Marta Novello and Cristiano Tiussi, in collaboration with Fondazione Aquileia and the "Polo Museale" ..

27 September 2016

Jerusalem 1000–1400: Every People Under Heaven

Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York.   26/09/ 2016 – 08/01/ 2017 An exhibition dedicated to Jerusalem, especially between the XI century and the XV century, when the Holy City was a ..

12 April 2015

Francescani in Terra Santa

Palazzo Bonacquisti, Assisi (Italy).   11/04/2015 - 08/1/2015 A photographic exhibition on the Franciscans of the Holy Land. The exhibit has been set up thanks to a recent discovery of unknown ..

31 March 2015

L’arte di Francesco – Capolavori d’arte e terre d’Asia dal XIII al XV secolo

Gallerie dell'Accademia, Florence.   31/03/2015 - 15/10/2015 This exhibition documents the artistic production related to the Franciscan order from XIII to XV century. Extraordinary paintings, ..