30 November 2018

The security of the museum at the heart of the scientific committee’s consultations


An executive delegation of the museum’s scientific committee—composed of Béatrix Saule, honorary director of the Château de Versailles ; Jérôme Dumoux, museographer ; Jacques Charles Gaffiot, art historian ; and Brother Stéphane, caretaker of cultural goods at the Custody of the Holy Land—convened in Jerusalem from the 24th to the 27th of November.

 The objective of this 4th meeting was to assess the progress of the museum’s construction, and to discuss certain questions related to the security of the museum’s collections. For that, the committee benefitted from the invaluable expertise of Thierry Webley, director of surveillance and of security at the Château de Versailles. “This is a sensitive project, and the security questions are the same as at the Château de Versailles but on a smaller scale.”

Trained to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of cultural establishments, Thierry Webley allowed the committee to consider concrete security-measures concerning such as the placement of cameras, the reception of groups, the location of the ticket-booth, ease of circulation, security policies, etc. These reflections were taken together with the architect of the Custody of the Holy Land and the museum’s scenographer, so that they could respond at once to the security issues and aesthetic problems entailed in protecting the collection.


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