19 April 2018

Resumption of work for the Historic section of the Terra Sancta Museum: study of spaces and scenographic project.

A new stage of work has just been completed for the Historic section of the Terra Sancta Museum at the Saint Saviour Convent in Jerusalem. "The primary objective of these new meetings was to check ..

8 December 2017

Tonino Maurizi's Christmas. 110 paintings on show in Jerusalem.

The exhibition “A thousand times Christmas” will take place at the Sala Curiale of St Savior Monastery, Jerusalem from December 7th 2017 to February 2nd 2018. 110 paintings created by the ..

23 November 2017

Two “new” herodian capitals discovered at Terra Sancta Museum.

During the restoration of artifacts for the new setting of Terra Sancta Archeological Museum, two capitals, not yet dating, have been dated almost certainly to the Herodian period. Even if they come ..

20 June 2017

Ended the project: “Learning from close up-guided visits to historical and religious sites”. The students of the Jerusalem schools at the Terra Sancta Museum

The project “Learning from close up- guided visits to historical and religious sites” wanted and financed by ATS pro Terra Sancta and the Mosaic Centre Jericho مركز الفسيفساء ..

6 June 2017

“The faces of Palmira” of the Terra Sancta Museum travelling toward Aquileia: An exhibition about the dialogue between cultures.”

The Terra Sancta Museum, among the precious archeological findings that the Franciscans preserve in their great collection, which is the result of many excavations and many acquisitions, preserved ..

22 May 2017

The Italian General Consul privately visits the Terra Sancta Museum

It’s been many years since the Italian General Consulate cooperates with the local institutions in order to safeguard and to promote the cultural heritage of the Holy Land, which could also work as ..

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